Photo Challenge: Work of Art


Work of Art

I have always struggled with calling myself an artist. It never helped that an artist, in the mechanized mind of Google’s search engine, is defined in two ways: a person who practices art, and a person who is skilled at a particular task or occupation. My problem stemmed from the fact that I never considered myself skilled enough to suit the latter definition, but if I were to follow the first, there is no doubt in my mind that I am an artist. Throughout my life I have picked up a broad range of creative outlets: painting, drawing, photography and photo editing, cooking and baking, reading and writing, and an abundance of crafts and DIYs. I see art in everything, so I apply artistry in everything I do. Most of the time, this is intentional. Working away at a canvas or spending hours thinking up fantasy stories is hardly ever accidental. But there are other aspects of my life in which visual aesthetic plays a key role. When I have things to do, I make a list. The bullet points had better line up, and they had better be the same size. When I write, regardless of whether I am composing a blog post or the chapter of a story, my sentences have to not only sound right, they have to look right. My closet must always be organized by colour. When I fill up my plate at dinner time, every component of the meal must have its own spot, and God forbid my mashed potatoes are touching the carrots. It may sound like I become a bit obsessive at times – I do not feel inclined to disagree. These are merely examples of how visuals have been a massive part of everything I do for as long as I can remember, so debating my mental stability would steer me away from my point. In conclusion, making things beautiful is a simple pleasure I partake in to make life more enjoyable as a whole. And so, if someone were to ask me what I think art is, I would have to say, “What isn’t?”


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